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Health strategy: Know your health insurance options

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  • By Jessica Brody
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Health strategy: Know your health insurance options

You can never be too careful about your health – especially when it concerns health conditions that appear without warning. That’s why it's vital to have a health strategy and to understand you have healthcare rights and can use your voice to address concerns to prevent situations from snowballing out of control.

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It's vital to have a health strategy and, when needed, exercise your healthcare rights to voice concerns and prevent situations from snowballing out of control. Today, Safeway Medical Supply shares some tips and resources that you can use to keep yourself safe and informed.

Learn About Health Insurance Options

Medical costs add up and can add up even more astronomically if you are in hospital; hence, why many people take out health insurance to cover the costs of their hospital stay as well as routine doctor's visits. That said, there are two health insurance schemes most people choose: a high-deductible health insurance plan and a low-deductible health insurance plan.

Depending on your budget situation and how much you can afford to pay upfront if an emergency arises, you will need to investigate which options will work out the best for you. Here, you will want to consider factors such as how well or poorly your health currently is, if you have a health savings account in place to help you pay for co-payments expenses, and how much you can allocate towards health insurance premiums every month.

Ask Questions

Medical science is certainly an anomaly because there are so many things that happen that are often unexplainable and without cause. Furthermore, when we educate ourselves on our health conditions, we know how to cope better with the situation at hand. However, this can only be achieved when we ask questions and are not content with accepting a diagnosis as final.

Know Your Rights

If you are a patient with an extensive medical history, it might be helpful to request copies of your medical records to keep with you. This is beneficial for many reasons, including having an extra copy available if the original were to go missing or get lost, as well as having that peace of mind that you have something concrete to refer to if your memory is not as good as it used to be.

Go Over Your Medical Bills

While it's safe to assume that most of your medical bills will be accurate, one cannot eliminate the possibility of a mistake occurring. So don't be shy to ask if something looks out of place on your invoice because you might be saving yourself from a costly mistake at the end of the day.

Also, when you’re dealing with multiple medical documents and bills, being organized is crucial. It’s a good idea to digitize all your medical files and combine them to avoid any confusion. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful tools, including this one which you can use to add pages to your PDF document – for free!

Be Proactive

Preparation is key, especially where your health is concerned, and you need to see a health practitioner urgently. This is where submitting all your paperwork on time can assist you in getting an early appointment to get the process over with as quickly as possible. Furthermore, having your paperwork ready can help speed up the process should you be referred to a specialist, and they need to see these documents upfront, too.

You should also be proactive in living a healthy lifestyle. Making small changes, like replacing junk food in your kitchen with healthy snacks and drinking more water than juice or soda, can make a big difference. You can even increase your physical activity by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking a few spots farther away from the entrance. These little efforts all add up and leave you with a healthier lifestyle overall.

Ask for a Second Opinion

There is no harm in asking for a second opinion if you feel you can't relate to your doctor and he can’t give you the peace of mind you need. This is where you might consider booking a single doctor's appointment online. You will have access to a wider range of treatment options, and you can have your prescription filled out quickly and easily online rather than booking an appointment to see someone in person first. Online doctors also work out better from an affordability point of view.

Looking to the Future

Perhaps it would be wise to look to the future, too, if you foresee the need to have round-the-clock care for a chronic condition you are suffering from currently. A nursing home could provide you with the constant care you need. Just be sure to read up on reviews regarding their facilities and what the costing structure is like to ensure you have the funds available to pay for this.

In that same vein, you’ll want to be fully supported as you take control of your health, especially at home. This will entail knowing your insurance options and choosing the best plan for you and your budget. As you invest in various wellness products and health implements, be smart as you shop by reading reviews of products before purchasing. Safeway Medical Supply offers a variety of items that can support your lifestyle as you age, from lift chairs to oxygen resources.

Stand Up for Your Health

It pays to be proactive about your health in every aspect. If a doctor tells you something that doesn’t seem right or requires clarification, you need to exercise your healthcare rights and question it. Understand that if a medical bill doesn’t seem accurate, do your research and stand up for yourself. Having your records digitized can help you to share them with doctors, specialists, and even family members. And make small changes to keep yourself healthy for years to come.


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