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Aging in Place: The Five Best Home Modifications for Seniors

Aging in Place: The Five Best Home Modifications for Seniors

To learn more about ways to make your home more aging-friendly, keep reading to see our top home modifications, as well as assistive technologies that provide you with state-of-the-art technology to use in your very own home to maintain your independence.

Many seniors appreciate the amenities and easygoing lifestyle of assisted living communities, but most people actually tend to want to age in place, in their lifelong homes and familiar neighborhoods.

The Perks of Aging in Place

While life in an assisted living community can be convenient as well as luxurious, not everyone wants to move simply because they are getting older. Due to increasing life expectancy combined with a multitude of positive factors for aging in our current society, such as rising education levels, more later-life work opportunities, and a dropping poverty rate, more people are aging in place now than ever. While more people are needing care each year, long-term care costs are continually rising, and some areas have seen a shortage of care available.

Reasons for choosing to age in place include wanting to stay in your loved home surrounded by your neighbors and family, as well as avoiding the prohibitive cost of senior living communities. While it may be intimidating to consider aging in your own home if it wasn’t designed for long-term care, there are many options, both temporary as well as permanent, that can help you stay in your home well past retirement. Read on for home modifications as well as assistive technologies that can help you age-in-place safely and comfortably.

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