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Adopt a pet for senior health: Guide to pet care

Adopt a pet for senior health: Guide to pet care

Should a senior adopt a pet? A pet companion is a great way for seniors to combat loneliness, but many other benefits come with having an animal around. For older adults especially. Read our guide…

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Should a senior adopt a pet? A pet companion is a great way for seniors to combat loneliness, but many other benefits come with having an animal around. For older adults especially. Cleveland Clinic notes that animals can provide mental and physical health advantages that will boost your quality of life. If you’re thinking about adding a pet to your household, this guide from Safeway Medical Supply.

Prepare for messes

Even the most well-behaved pet will leave a mess from time to time, but if you have a plan in place for cleaning and keeping your belongings protected, you can avoid major issues. Many animal owners invest in a large pet blanket for the couch or bed to keep hair and dander off surfaces, as well as a vacuum with a HEPA filter to keep carpets clean and allergen-free.

You can also place a small, clean towel near the door to wipe off his feet on rainy days. Keep some spot remover on hand, as well. For large stains on furniture that you can’t remove yourself, look online for upholstery cleaners near you. Many service directories list several options that allow you to read reviews before booking an appointment, but you should also request a customer referral or two. Take note of companies that use all-in-one cleaning tools since furniture stains and carpet stains require different methods.

Do a safety check

Protecting your home is important, but it’s crucial to consider your new pet’s safety as well. As he explores his new home, falls or other accidents can happen, but you can prevent any issues by doing a safety check before he arrives. Close off most rooms at first, so your pet can safely get accustomed to one area at a time, and use a baby gate to block access to stairs. Clever suggests looking for plants–both inside and outside–that are safe for curious animals and keep human food and cleaning products put away at all times.

Safety is also paramount if you have a home office. Be sure to remove any potentially harmful items that your new furry friend may get to. A paper clip, stray staple, or rubber band on the floor can easily end up in their mouth or paw. Also, check for frayed electrical cords and replace them to prevent an accidental jolt; better yet, get cords out of sight and out of mind so they can’t be chewed on.

Start a savings account

Even with safety precautions and regular vet visits, your pet will likely need care or medicine at some point, including preventative flea and tick medication. The costs can really add up, but you can prepare by starting a savings account just for your pet. Setting aside as little as ten or twenty dollars a week can help you pay for unexpected vet bills and give you peace of mind throughout the year. You can also look for a pet insurance plan, which will help to reduce the costs of certain types of care.

Your pet-focused savings account can also cover expenses such as pet sitters, who can help with things like walking, feeding, and other important tasks if you need to spend some time away from home. Having a little cushion is helpful, especially when unexpected trips or getaways prevent you from saving up for these services.

Keep him healthy

Of course, one of the best things you can do for your pet is simply to keep him healthy, and that means giving him plenty of exercise, fresh air, and attention. Pets of all kinds can benefit from the advantages of playtime and toy stimulation, and you’ll also get the mental health advantages that come with creating a happy environment for your animal. Talk to your vet about the right diet for him according to his age, and remember that older animals may have different needs. With the right care, your pet can bring you joy for years to come.

For seniors, adopting a pet comes with a lot to think about. The responsibilities may seem overwhelming if you’re not accustomed to caring for an animal, so do your research before making a decision and take the breed/age into account.

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