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by Sonic Alert        Item #Focusear by Sonic Alert
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Category: Daily Living Aids

Focusear by Sonic Alert Maintenance Kit

Focusear Maintenance Kit:

This deluxe maintenance kit will keep your PAL working to its very best. Kit includes:

  • One Sonic Tube (discreet thin design)

Our Sonic Tube is designed to carry sound directly to the Sonic Ztip and the ear. It's virtually invisible and has enough flexibility to allow for precise position. Sonic tubes are available in either slim or high volume to accommodate greater hearing needs.

  • High quality construction
  • Ability to exactly position
  • Cosmetically transparent
  • Slim or high volume

Two Sonic ZTips (proprietary design non-silicone)

Our proprietary Sonic ZTip stays put, without the need to readjust, and unlike itchy, silicone domes which constantly slip out of the ear canal, the Sonic ZTip will always stay in place. Our Sonic ZTip fits very much like an ear mold, but because they don't rely on silicone 'tacky properties' for a snug fit, they stay in place all day for up to 4 months providing the most comfortable tip available and saving you time and money. This design features natural airflow and directs sound precisely into the ear canal.

  • Proprietary design for comfort and ease of wear
  • Small and large sizes
  • Natural airflow
  • Quality construction for months of wear and performance

Cleaning Wire (Simple and affective)

  • Use this semi-rigid wire to remove debris/wax from the Sonic Tube and Sonic ZTip
  • Can be used daily for your hearing aid maintenance
  • Does not harm function
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting

4-pack of batteries (highest quality 312 zinc air type)

Part of Sonic Alert's quality assurance is the added convenience of longer battery life. We spec and use 312 zinc air batteries as the first choice, as they last approximately ten days, while a #10 battery lasts about half as long, 3-5 days. In addition to longer life, 312 batteries also provide more power which further enhances background filtering, providing crisp hearing.

  • 312 zinc air batteries
  • Long, predictable life
  • 1.4 volts
  • Brand preferred by audiologists

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